Our Woodcarving School offers just the right choice if you…

  • are a novice or advanced carver who would like to learn more.
  • try new things and techniques or deepen your existing knowledge.
  • value personal guidance in small course groups, which meets your current skill level.
  • place value on choosing from 700 models to carve from.
  • want to be instructed step by step by accomplished course instructors.
  • like to let yourself be inspired by like-minded students.
  • are between 6 and 99 years old (100+ upon request ☺).

Our wood-carving course offerings entail the following 4 versions, which we consciously choose to mix with the course formation and groups:

Course Offers


Carving is totally new to you? And you now wish to start working in wood with your own hands? Looking for someone who can teach you the basic steps and can show you the joy in working with wood?


Have you already gained some craftsmanship experience or made first attempts at woodcarving?


You already have some skills in carving? Looking for someone who can advance your base level with key steps?

Advanced and professional

You are versed in crafting skills of carving and enjoy working with wood? You would like more intensive training and are looking for someone who can deliver inspiration and professional tips? Welcome to our highest class level!

Special Courses: Carving


The course "Krampus Mask Carving" provides novice or experienced carvers the needed crafts skills to carve a devils' mask.

Beginner and Advanced

Our course for beginners and advanced students, members of Mardi Gras clubs or traditional customs groups


They are not to be missed in the treasure trove of motifs for carving: deer, chamois and ibex are not only the most traditional, but also the most popular animals among woodcarvers.


Motifs, scale and style of figures can be chosen freely. Bring along any models or pictures or figures which can be augmented are helpful.


To visualize three-dimensional motifs in the surface: This is the challenge of relief, where you have to consider the rules of perspective.

for beginners and advanced

There are many possibilities to decorate and shape different items of daily use, like boxes, nameplates, spoons, and much more.

for slightly advanced and advanced carvers

Heads and faces are especially challenging whilst carving. Based on our “Step by Step – models” and with the support of our course instructors, we will help you to master the carving of the human head and face.

for beginners and advanced

As a beginner, you will benefit from the fact that this class is not about perfect carving technique, but about getting into the material of wood, seeing the grain, noticing sapwood and knots, and incorporating them into the piece.


Fast, rational work and more safety when cutting a workpiece from a block are learned and practiced.


Dreidimensionale Motive in der Fläche darzustellen: Das ist die Herausforderung des Reliefs, bei dem Sie die Regeln der Perspektive berücksichtigen müssen.


Woodblock printing is not only one of the oldest letterpress techniques, but also one of the most diverse. Our experienced guest lecturer Doris Neidl will teach you the graphic possibilities and techniques of woodblock printing.

Interactive Carving Courses-Overview Calendar

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Carving or Sculpting?

In our woodcarving classes we provide the sound skills of wood handicraft in order to be able to reproduce given references and models utilizing the carving chisels. The main focus of our woodsculpting courses is on the development and formulating ones own ideas and drafts, which will then be made into real wooden objects.