Woodsculpting Courses

Our woodsculpting courses are just the right thing for you if you …

  • wish to creatively turn you own ideas and drafts into wood.
  • are either a beginner or advanced and experienced sculptor.
  • like to try out new things or deepen existing skills.
  • place value on personal guidance in small course groups.
  • want to be instructed by accomplished course instructors.
  • like to let yourself be inspired by like-minded students.
  • feel neither to young nor too old for this!

Woodsculpting holds a special fascination with many people interested in art. Regardless if you want merely to test for yourself, whether you have a talent for it, or if you are looking for new challenges as an already experienced sculptor, you will find the right thing in our wide range of courses! Your course instructor will see what skills you bring with you and then accompany you from the development of your design to its completion in wood.

Our offering of woodsculpting courses comprises the following 4 variations, which we consciously mix together for the compilation of each course group:

Course Offers


Woodsculpting interests you, yet you have neither craft skills nor artistic experience? You would like to work creatively with wood?


Have you already gained some craftsmanship experience or made first attempts at woodcarving? Now you wish to turn your ideas into designs in wood?


You already have some experience in sculpting? Already turned some ideas and drafts into wooden objects?

Advanced and professional

Woodsculpting is your passion? You have advanced experience and are looking for new inspiration? You seek a professional who will animate you to new levels and will support you with their sound craftsmanship skills?

Special Course: Woodsculpting


Our course participants very much appreciate the profound accompanying theory lessons. In the past, however, we have repeatedly been approached with the wish to receive this training without combining it with a practical course.


The form, sized of 80 to 120 cm, will we roughed out. Afterward the chisels and mallet will be used or you work on the surface structure with rasp and sanding tools.


In this course you will be introduced to design of a nude in wood and will achieve a solid draft considering anatomy, proportion and composition.


You will learn the technique of portraiture step by step: from designing to modeling to realization in wood.


Together with your instructor you will search for interesting pieces of driftwood along the banks of the Lech River and other wild streams which will be used in the courses.


In this course we take the time to elaborate expressive elements of the human depiction more precisely.


After a sketch, the rough outlines of the sculpture are cut out of the wooden planks or boards. The surface is then worked and shaped with the chainsaw and the carving iron.

Die Totemkultur der indigenen Völker fasziniert durch ihre Naturverbundenheit und Symbolik. Vor dem Hintergrund traditioneller Formen entwickeln Sie ein individuelles Totem, das auf Ihrer Geschichte und Ihren persönlichen Ideen basiert. Die grobe Form wird dann mit der Kettensäge herausgearbeitet.

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Carving or Sculpting?

The main focus of our woodsculpting courses is on the development and formulating ones own ideas and drafts, which will then be made into real wooden objects. In our woodcarving classes we provide the sound skills of wood handicraft in order to be able to reproduce given references and models utilizing the carving chisels.