Austrian Woodcarving Weeks 2024

Austrian Woodcarving Weeks 2024
Carvers’ programme
5th until 19th of october

Spend your carving holiday in the Alps during the most wonderful time of the year. learn how to carve and sculpt the Austrian way and get to know a bit more about the surroundings and the culture, at the weekend.

Saturday arrival: Meet some of your carving colleagues at the school and enjoy the first evening
completely without any rush.
Sunday: Enjoy a long breakfast to really start this holiday off in a relaxed manner. You will have time to explore the surroundings before the first meeting with the instructor in the evening.

Weekly schedule for the course:
There will be tutored carving from Monday morning to Saturday lunch. This will give you ample opportunity to start and finish your carvings. Also, use the time to join the special theory classes, which are held in parallel to the practical course.

Sun               18:00 meeting with the tutor for the week
Mon to Fri     08:30-12:00 and 13:30-18:00
Sat               08:30-12:00

Day trip to Innsbruck
During your 2-week stay, we will explore the beautiful capital of Tyrol – Innsbruck. Together we will go on a day trip to see this magnificent city with the world-famous golden roof, the Bergisel ski jump and the beautiful cyclorama of the third battle in Innsbruck. To make sure everything is open, we will go on this tour during the week. You will be able to catch up on the missed time on the weekend. (Minimum participants for the tour: 6)

Price Carvers’ Programme:
Per person in a double room, category 2:
                      Euro        USD        GBP
2 weeks          2452,–     2452,–     2085,
Single room supplement for 2 weeks: 
Euro 228,– / USD 228,– / GBP 194,

Included: Course 11 days, 14 overnights with full board, Sunday-tour (lunch excluded). Excluded from this price is the local tax of € 1,90 per person per night, and the airport transfer (Details for transfer on page 8). For all payments the exchange rate of the day will be used.


Non-Carvers' Programme 2024

Austrian Woodcarving Week 2024
non-Carvers programme
5th until 19th of october

Enjoy your holiday in the Alps during the most beautiful time of the year.
The programme for non-carvers offers some exciting tours and a variety of activities in the beautiful surroundings of the school. Enjoy the colorful fall for pleasant walks and relaxing outdoor activities. The mountains are in pretty colors and the air is the clearest and freshest at this time of the year. Each week there will be 2 half-day tours nearby. Several local sights are worthy of exploration including a hanging footbridge, a cheese maker, a glass etcher, or our nice little museum in Elbigenalp. A ride up a mountain or an interesting herb walk are other possibilities, depending on the weather. Minimum participants for the half day tours: 4.
During your stay, we will be going on a special tour with the carvers, allowing you to visit and enjoy the beautiful capital of tyrol – innsbruck. For more details see left column.

Important! One full-day tour will be offered each week. One trip will take us to Füssen (Castle of Neuschwanstein) or to Mittenwald (Violin Museum). On the other trip, we will visit the stunning “Bregenz Forest”. Please note that these day tours are not included in the price and will be charged at the school. Prices will vary depending on the number of participants.

Use the opportunity to spend your free days relaxing, hiking, Nordic walking (poles provided), biking along the Lech river, and taking time to look at the beautiful mountain countryside. Please also note that you can book treatments in the spa or join the activity programme at the 4-star Alpenrose Hotel, next to the school. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and walking shoes. 

prices non-Carvers programme:
per person in double room category 2:
                      Euro       USD        GBP
2 weeks          1362,–    1362,–    1158,-

Included: Tours and programme as described, 14 overnights with full board (lunch excluded on tours). Excluded from this price is the local tax of € 1,90 per person per night, and the airport transfer (Details for transfer on page 8). For all payments the exchange rate of the day will be used.