Special Carving Course- local wild animals with live observation

Week-long course, day course

...with live animal observation in nature

Target Audience:

Carvers who want to bring the alpine fauna to their living room


They are not to be missed in the treasure trove of motifs for carving: deer, chamois and ibex are not only the most traditional, but also the most popular animals among woodcarvers. This is reason enough for us to deal with the local wild game in detail in this course. We pay special attention to the anatomical features and the different stances. The course instructor is not only a specialist in carving of wild animals and crib figures, but also passionate hunter himself. Therefore, he has sufficient experience with the "living object in nature".

Important information:

Depending on the weather and the conditions, wild animal observation is also planned for the woods and meadows. Please bring sturdy hiking boots, weatherproof hiking gear and binoculars. Do not forget your camera!

22.09.2024 - 
28.09.2024 | 
Prices 2024:
1 week / 2 weeks combination
full-day course€ 710,– / € 1340,–
Course Times:

Sun 18.00 : Preliminary course discussion

Week-long course full-day:
Mon – Fri 08.30-12.00 and 13.30-18.00
Sat 08.30-12.00

Afternoon coffee break 15.30-16.00 .

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