Geisler-Moroder Sculpting Certificate


Target group: People who want to get to know the diversity of sculpting

Programme: With this certificate programme, we provide you with the entire range of our sculpting lessons! Based on classic techniques, you can improve your ability by exploring different materials and expanding your knowledge and skills. The training, which is completed with a certificate, covers the following areas:

✓ 2 weeks of wood sculpting and carving
✓ 1 week chainsaw sculpting
✓ 1 week stonesculpting
✓ 1 week modelling head/portrait
✓ 1 week modelling nude
✓ 1 week design in concrete
✓ 1 week bronze casting
✓ 1 week plaster modelling and casting
✓ 1 week colour design of sculptures and objects
Important: Weekly courses already attended from this program will be granted towards the certificate. There is no time limit for the 10-week programme!