Geisler-Moroder „Carver and Woodsculptor Certificate“

8-Week-Intensive Programme, Week-long Course, Full-Day

Target Group: Ambitious sculptors and wood sculptors who want to place their hobby on a sound foundation and finish with a certificate

Programme: Gain a comprehensive insight into the profession of the wood carver and wood sculptor! The course, which is completed with a certificate, is divided into thematic areas, includes a detailed theory section and contains a detailed documentation of the learning progress. Our experience to date has shown that it ought to be possible for anyone to attend all seminars within a period of one to four years.

Important: All seminars are full-day, week-long courses

Anatomical Studies
The carving of anatomical studies increases your self-confidence in the representation of the human body. Theory: proportional theory

Ornamental Carving – Mirror Frame
Hardly any topic is better to improve your efficiency and carving technique! Theory: work drawing – draft

Bust, portrait, mask and character study belong to the repertoire of every sculptor. Theory: mime, proportion theory

What are the specific characteristics of an animals physique in a realistic portrayal? Theory: animal anatomy

Carving of a nude represents a special challenge in wood sculpture. Theory: sketching of movement studies

Clothed Figures – Draperies
Give your sculpture the right look with the right folds of realism and dynamism! Theory: draw draperies – modelling

Figure Stylization
Consciously use simplification and concentrate on the essentials- these are the focus of this topic. Theory: cubic composition of studies

Relief Carving
Learn the realistic depiction of three-dimensionality on the surface! Theory: important aspects of perspective