Special Courses

Beside all our usual courses, we offer a comprehensive list of special courses which are held in addition to our annual programme. Many of the special courses are arranged at short notice - so we recommend that you look at this page from time to time. We will be glad to send you a copy of our special programme, which is updated every two months.

  • ✓ Small groups provide an individual supervision.
  • ✓ We offer courses for all levels from beginners to advanced.
  • ✓ All teachers are masters and experts in their field.
  • ✓ Well-equipped and bright studios, leave nothing to be desired.
  • ✓ All courses, unless otherwise stated, last one week.

Course Offers

A thousand years of traditional craftsmanship is reinterpreted in this course. The foundation is the basic techniques of weaving and basketry, which are taught in the course. Unlike in other weaving courses, however, the focus here is on artistic design, which allows a modern approach to traditional wickerwork.
They are not to be missed in the treasure trove of motifs for carving: deer, chamois and ibex are not only the most traditional, but also the most popular animals among woodcarvers.
The course instructor will advise you on choosing motives and help you to learn the inlay techniques step-by-step.

Motifs, scale and style of figures can be chosen freely. Bring along any models or pictures or figures which can be augmented are helpful.

Why not design your own furnitures? And the best of all - the materials are just outside the door of the School.
In addition to the correct handling of wood (storage, selection, cutting, gluing etc.), you will learn how to handle the carpenter's machine tools safely.

Es gibt wohl kaum eine schönere Form, um sich handwerklich auf die vorweihnachtliche Zeit einzustimmen, als mit dem Bau oder Schnitzen einer eigenen Krippe.


To visualize three-dimensional motifs in the surface: This is the challenge of relief, where you have to consider the rules of perspective.


Filigran drechseln ist eine alte Handwerkskunst, die aus dem Raum Berchtesgaden und Bayerischen Wald stammt. Es wird auch heute nur noch vereinzelt ausgeübt. Wir bieten Ihnen in der Zeit vom 07.07. - 10.07. die Möglichkeit in dieses alte Handwerk hinein zu schnuppern. 


Grundlagen über Epoxid- und Polyesterharze, Harzverarbeitung ohne Vakuum und Druckbehälter Materialverbrauch, Mischungsverhältnisse, Aushärtezeiten.


Fast, rational work and more safety when cutting a workpiece from a block are learned and practiced.

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