Chainsaw Carving

Our Courses „Carving with a Chainsaw“ are right for you if you …

  • enjoy working with large-sized pieces.
  • would like to learn how to use a chainsaw or already have some experience.
  • place value on personal guidence in small course groups.
  • want to be instructed by accomplished course instructors.
  • like to let yourself be inspired by like-minded students.
  • are between 16 and 99 years old.

You will find a large range of course offers in "carving with a chainsaw": there will defintely be something for you among them! The palette spans from beginner's and taster level to advanced courses. Independent of the chosen instruction, the personal guidence by our tutors guarantees that content will be applied exactly where needed. This insures an optimal learning success.

Our course offerings entail the following 4 versions, which we consciously choose to mix with the course formation and groups:

Course Offers


Chainsaw carving interests you, yet you have neither sculpting skills nor experience using a chain saw? You want to see whether this type of sculpting is for you? You would like to have someone to take you, step-by-step, through this new field? Fear not, and come along with us on a journey of discovery!


Have you already worked with a chain saw? Now you wish to create a sculpture even though you have no previous knowledge? Looking for someone with experience and competence who can teach you the basics?


Already have some experience in sculpture and working with a chain saw? You now wish to discover the fascination of using the chain saw as a tool for woodsculpting?

Advanced and professional

You are versed in sculpting and also with using the chain saw, having already ascertained some necessary skills?

Special Courses: Chainsaw


A brief theoretical introduction deals with the anatomy of the animals. With this basic understanding, then the chain saw is used.


At the beginning of this course some theory about human anatomy will be offered. After that, the work with the chain saw begins!


In einer kurzen theoretischen Einführung werden Ihnen wesentliche Kenntnisse zu den Proportionen eines Kopfes vermittelt.


Design your own Advent and Christmas objects or decorations for the garden, atrium or entrance area!


In this course, the large-format work with the chainsaw is used to dedicate oneself to a theme full of closeness to nature and symbolism: the totem culture of the indigenous peoples.


This week is exclusively reserved for chainsaw carvers with appropriate experience.


Das Schnitzen mit der Kettensäge empfinden viele noch immer als eine Männerdomäne. Doch seit Jahren melden sich zunehmend mehr weibliche Teilnehmerinnen zu unseren Kursen an.


Dieser Kurs ist für jene reserviert, die neu in das Arbeiten mit der Kettensäge einsteigen und noch keinerlei Erfahrung haben.

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