Colour Design of Sculptures and Objects

Gilding, Sculpture Painting, Restoration

Our courses „Colour Design of Scultpures and Objects“ are just the right thing for you if you …

  • like to experiment with colour and/or discover traditional painting techniques.
  • are either a beginner or advanced pupil.
  • place value on personal guidance in small course groups.
  • want to be instructed by accomplished course instructors.
  • like to let yourself be inspired by like-minded students.
  • feel neither to young nor too old for this!

Course Offers

Gilding, Antique Painting, Restoration

You wish to experiment with colour, stains, gold and silver gilding, yet do not have any experience?

Gilding, Antique Painting, Restoration

Painting and colour design of sculptures is not new to you? You would like to get to know new techniques and materials, despite not having much knoweldge? Looking for someone with experience and competence who can show you the basic skills step-by-step? Then you have come to the right place!

Gilding, Antique Painting, Restoration

You are versed in the fundamental working steps of colour design and painting of sculptures?

Special Courses: Painting and Gilding of Sculptures and Objects


In this course, you will learn the various techniques of colour design and work with different materials.


The fundamental working steps of staining and colouring of traditional carved objects are taught.

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Supplies charge for suitable objects:

Materials like paints, stains, wax, chalk and poliment are provided by us and charged at a flat rate for supplies. Gold, silver and all other supplies can be bought at the school or may be brought along. However, a renumeration for the supplies charge will not made in this case. You can gladly bring along untreated carvings to the class or purchase them for a reasonable price in our shop. Suitable models could include skin (face), clothes, capes, trim, etc. If you wish to restore a sculpture, please send us a photo of it beforehand. This way we can clarify the feasability of the restoration during the course.