Modelling a head or the hollowed out clay sculpture

You can choose either one of the topics, or you simply combine them. If needed, the sculptures can also be fired, to make them permanently durable.
Price: € 610,-
Participants: Beginners and Advanced
Date: 19.09. - 25.09.2021

Programme Portrait/Head:

In the beginning of the course, you will get an Introduction into the proportions and the anatomy of the head. After preparing a frame, the head is built up with clay. The course instructor will help you in each of the steps and provide you with tips, to give your head a n unique look and character. 
Das format of the head can be chosen freely,. The required amount of clay or plastilin can be brought from home, or purchased at our school.


Programme Hollowed out clay sculpture: Hohl aufgebaute Plastik:
After a short introduction to the technique, you will sculpt large sculptures and figures (approx. 1 m tall) in hollow out modelling. This makes it possible to have them kiln-fired later, if desired. From simple naturalistic representation from a draft, to discovering of new ideas during the modelling process - all possibilities are open.

Bring along various modelling tools and appropriate work clothes. The Course may takes place in our outdoor sculpting pavilion. Coarse fireclay is used as the working material, which you can either bring from home or purchase in our shop.

Further information fo the course "hollowed out clay sculpture" can be found here: Course - Hollowed out clay sculpture

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