Silhouette sculptures

Week course full day

Target Audience:

Beginners and advanced


After a sketch, the rough outlines of the sculpture are cut out of the wooden planks or boards. The surface is then worked and shaped with the chain saw and the carving iron. Relief carving techniques are used here. Under expert guidance, great objects are created for the garden, for fences or also for interiors, e.g. as room dividers etc. Depending on taste and personal style, naturalistic or abstract motifs (people, animals, ornaments, florals) can be chosen.

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Included in the course price:
  • Booked course
  • Certificate of completion
  • Final dinner on Friday evening (included in weekly courses)
  • Afternoon coffee / tea
  • Seminar drinks
  • Lunch menu incl. beverage buffet
  • Accompanying theory lessons (Monday - Friday)
Prices 2024:
1 week / 2 week combination
Full-day course€ 735,– / € 1390,–
Course Times:
Sun 18.00 : Preliminary course discussion Week-long course full-day:   Mon – Fri 08.30-12.00 and 13.30-18.00 Sat 08.30-12.00 Afternoon coffee break 15.30-16.00

In order to keep the noise nuisance for the environment as low as possible and to avoid exhaust emissions, only electric saws are used. Please note this also for the chosen type of wood, if you bring wood to the course yourself (only spruce, poplar and fir). For the course you will need protective clothing such as ear protection, gloves, electric saw, angle grinder and a cable drum! The following equipment can also be bought or rented from us:

Rental fee

  1 week 2½ Days
Chainsaw with carving sword incl. 5L / 3L oil € 90,- € 50,-
cut protection trousers € 15,– € 10,–
Safety helmet € 15,– € 10,–

Should you decide to purchase one or more items of equipment after the course, 50% of the rental fee will be deducted from the course price!

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