Holzschnitt – Druckgrafik

Weekly course, full day

Target Audience:

Beginners and advanced


Woodblock printing is not only one of the oldest letterpress techniques, but also one of the most diverse. Our experienced guest lecturer Doris Neidl will teach you the graphic possibilities and techniques of woodblock printing. Under her guidance, you will awaken your desire for the exciting play of light and dark, light and shadow, and discover how expressive the reduction to simple forms can be.

You will first record your ideas in drawings, and then transfer them to the medium of wood. The spectrum of letterpress printing techniques ranges from single-color and multicolor printing to working with different printing blocks to working with the "lost form".

Important information:

By the end of the course, each student will have printed one or more woodblock prints and have a small edition. The material will be charged according to consumption: Experience shows that the costs for this are between € 30,- and € 50,-.

29.09.2024 - 
05.10.2024 | 
Included in the course price:
  • Booked course
  • All necessary tools
  • Certificate of completion
  • Final dinner on Friday evening (included in weekly courses)
  • Afternoon coffee / tea
  • Seminar drinks
  • Lunch menu incl. beverage buffet
  • Accompanying theory lessons (Monday - Friday)
Prices 2024:
1 week / 2 week combination
Week-long course full-day€ 720,– / € 1360,–
Course Times:

Sun 18.00 : Preliminary course discussion

Week-long course full-day:
Mon – Fri 08.30-12.00 and 13.30-18.00
Sat 08.30-12.00

Afternoon coffee break 15.30-16.00 .

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