Design and Modelling in Concrete

Day Course

Target Audience:

Beginners and advanced


Concrete is ideal for outdoor design. You become familiarized with the specifics of the material and receive valuable technical tips: from the creation of the base, through the reinforcement, up to the correct treatment. Building on this, the artistic design takes place. Thus, sculptures 1 meter high and taller are preferably made.

Important information:

The course takes place in our outdoor sculptor's pavilion. Please bring workwear, sturdy footwear, work gloves, goggles and the following tools: combination pliers and cutting pincers, pocket rule, palette knives (2-5 cm wide), masonry trowel and plastic bucket. Mortar and reinforcing material are provided by us and charged according to consumption.

09.04.2023 - 
15.04.2023 | 
15.10.2023 - 
21.10.2023 | 
Included in the course price:
  • Booked course
  • All necessary tools
  • Certificate of completion
  • Final dinner on Friday evening (included in weekly courses)
  • Afternoon coffee / tea
  • Seminar drinks
  • Lunch menu incl. beverage buffet
  • Accompanying theory lessons (Monday - Friday)
1 week / 2 weeks combination
Week-long course full-day€ 685,– / € 1290,–
A basic package of reinforcing material worth € 30,- is included in the price.Further material and mortar will be charged according to consumption.
Course Times:
Sun 18.00 : Preliminary course discussion Week-long course full-day:   Mon – Fri 08.30-12.00 and 13.30-18.00 Sat 08.30-12.00 Afternoon coffee break 15.30-16.00

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