Furniture from scavaged Wood

Be the designer of your own furniture! And the best part: theinexhaustible source of material is directly in the surrounding. First ou will search useful drift wood, branches etc, along the Lech river and in the wood togehter with the teacher and the group. Get inspired if the natura shape of the wood, and learn how to make unik chairs, tables and much more out of it. The teacher will help and lead you through all working steps. Every piece is a uniqe creation and will for sure be an eye-catcher in your appartement or garden.
Important information:
The course takes place in our outdoor sculptor's pavilion. Please bring warm working clothes just in case and if available, appropriate tools and safety goggles. If you have Tools like; saws, branch shears, Drilling mashine screw clamps etc. please bring those to the course.
Date: 24.09. - 29.09.



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