Wood Creative Camp

Camp participants live in their own tent village. In the afternoon we go on a journey of discovery through nature while walking through the Lech wetlands. We thrawl through forests and mountain streams exploring and tracking wild animal footprints, wild herbs, and driftwood. Trained camp guides guarantee an educationally competent, round the clock supervision.

Target Audience:

Target group are children and youth aged 10 to 15 years.


Our mornings during the classic camp is dedicated solely to carving and sculpting. Playful and without pressure to perform the kids can try out their artisitic and manual talent. Kids delve into the various possibilities of sculpting and modelling and test their skills.

The following services are included in the course price:
  • ✓ Supported through professional programme (practical and theoretical)
1 week / 2 weeks combination
1 week€ x–
2 weeks€ x
(incl. room and board)
Course Times:

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