Turning with casting resins

Target Audience:

Turning enthusiasts with basic knowledge


Our guest lecturer Karl Wegehingl has intensively dealt with epoxy and polyester resins, in order to use them in combination with wood for decorative turning exhibits. The resins are applied without vacuum. and pressure vessels. Each participant receives the Turning your own bowl of wood and epoxy, with the help of the the practical processing, valuable knowledge of mixing ratios and curing times. Subsequently, each participant can choose a freely selectable Form various things (such as pieces of wood, chips, etc.) in the
Pour in the resin and then turn them.

Important information:

The course schedule depends on the dry season. The material costs are calculated according to consumption (approx. € 90,-).

Included in the course price:
  • Booked course
  • All necessary tools
  • Certificate of completion
  • Final dinner on Friday evening (included in weekly courses)
  • Afternoon coffee / tea
  • Seminar drinks
  • Lunch menu incl. beverage buffet
  • Accompanying theory lessons (Monday - Friday)
1 Woche / 2 Wochenkombination
Ganztageskurs€ 685,– / € 1290,–
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