Casting resins - for use in woodturning

Target Audience:

Woodturning enthusiasts with basic knowledge


The focus of this specialist course is on the handling of epoxy and polyester resin in combination with wood for use in woodturning. This is not a classic woodturning course, but a specialized course with theory and practice.
Participants turn a bowl of wood and epoxy and pour pieces of wood, chips or other objects into resin in a shape of their choice. This mold then forms the basis for the object to be turned.

Our instructor Karl Wegehingl will guide you step by step through this exciting material. He supports you in the creative development process and imparts valuable knowledge about the handling of wood and resin, the correct mixing ratios and curing times by means of practical implementation.

Important information:

Material costs will be charged according to consumption (approx. € 90,-)

30.04.2023 - 
06.05.2023 | 
Included in the course price:
  • Booked course
  • All necessary tools
  • Certificate of completion
  • Final dinner on Friday evening (included in weekly courses)
  • Afternoon coffee / tea
  • Seminar drinks
  • Lunch menu incl. beverage buffet
  • Accompanying theory lessons (Monday - Friday)
1 week / 2 week combination
Full-day course€ 685,– / € 1290,–
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